* Smoking is allowed only in designated areas

* No illegal drugs or alcohol allowed on the premises. Anyone appearing intoxicated or mentally impaired will be refused admittance.

* Cell phones should be silenced & only used outside of the Dungeon

* No cameras, Personal Digital Assistants or other video or audio recording devices allowed.

* Prostitution, solicitation, & negotiating BDSM for money is not tolerated.

* Respect Security, Staff & Dungeon Monitors (DMs) & abide by their instructions; their decisions are final. Any questions or concerns regarding activities taking place in the Dungeon should be directed to a DM.

* Respect the space. Cleaning materials are provided; wipe down equipment with disinfectant & clean up surrounding areas after your scene. Do not move furniture without DM approval.

* Respect other attendees. Do not touch people, toys or personal equipment, or interrupt a conversation without asking permission. “No” means no & does not require a reason. Do not say “maybe” when you mean “no“. All activities must be consensual, & consent can be withdrawn at any time. What or who is seen at the event stays at the event. Refrain from wearing heavy perfume or cologne.

* Yelling out “RED” is a SERIOUS call for help, resulting in DM intervention & ending the scene.

* Safer sex practices encouraged. Surface barriers are required when ANY bodily fluids are present.

* Please limit scenes to one half hour to allow others time to play, & administer aftercare away from the play station as soon as possible.

* Watch scenes from a respectful distance & keep conversations, laughter, & comments low. DO NOT talk to the players or otherwise intrude on a scene unless specifically invited by the participants. Most scenes include aftercare, so stepping away from equipment does not necessarily mean a scene is over; if unsure, wait for eye contact & approval from the Top or consult a DM.


Gun Play      NO. Firearms of any type are prohibited inside Catalyst.
Fire Play       No open flames without express prior approval
Wax Play      No candles or liquid paraffin without express prior approval        
Blood play    No puncturing of skin without prior approval and proper safety and protection.
Scat play/water sports      No.

* A “Tasting” is an opportunity to observe, experience, & ask questions about a particular type of play; it is NOT a scene - respect the time & application limits determined by the educator.

* The Catalyst is a sex positive center WITH  a Dungeon. Not everyone understands D/s dynamics or BDSM concepts, so assume no one is familiar with your personal protocols or is intentionally violating them. If a boundary is crossed, politely correct them; if unable to do so, ask a DM for assistance.

* Appearances & accessories are subject to interpretation by differing lifestyles, so expect others may not attribute the same significance to specific items or actions & no offense is intended.

* Some people do not consider BDSM in itself to be a sexual activity; do not assume someone engaging in BDSM is also interested in having sex.

* Be personally responsible for yourself & your bottom. Ensure all aftercare needs are on hand before beginning a scene. Be aware that subspace can alter the way a bottom communicates & avoid overreacting to any interactions they may encounter in which you aren’t accustomed.

Rules of the Reformatory