Theresa “Darklady” Reed is a writer, editor, and erotic event impresario. Sex toys, porn, erotica, BDSM, polyamory, politics – she thinks she knows it all and even if she doesn’t, she fakes it pretty well. She is responsible for 10 years of Portland Masturbate-a-thons and is now co-owner of Catalyst: A Sex Positive Place. She is a former editor of Exotic Magazine, Ms. Oregon State Leather 2004, and a freelancer with Adult Video News for well over a decade.

The Catalyst: A Sex Positive Place staff goal is to create a safe and all-inclusive environment that provides learning opportunities, active community, and open exploration of consensual gratification. We provide a safe space for people to gather and explore the things that make them happy and connect with like-minded people.

Events at Catalyst include: Naughty Karaoke, Fetish Night, multiple monthly dungeon parties, discussion groups on varying topics, educational events, workshops, private rentals, and more.​

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Catalyst Co-founder and Art Director

Shawn 'DJ Kronos' Chronis - Catalyst Co-Director

DJ Kronos has been a part of the kink scene for about 18 years. He has been involved with Catalyst for 3 years, helping bring back Naughty Karaoke and other events, then becoming a Director when we moved in 2015. He has been organizing and designing dungeons for about 8 years including Indy KISS Club (Indianapolis), Karnival  (Fox Valley, WI), and several dungeons for one-time events. He has also DJed for many kink events including Kinkfest 2014 and many play parties. Kronos became involved in the Sex Positive community upon meeting and partnering with Darklady and being inspired by other people’s journeys and the acceptance they found at Catalyst.

Our Team


In an article for Planned Parenthood on providing sex positive sex education, Lisa Tobin writes that being sex positive includes:

*Having a comprehensive definition of sexuality
*Viewing sexual health as a basic human right
*Focusing on the life-enhancing aspects of sexuality as well as attention to the negative aspects
*Being non-judgmental and challenging narrow social constructs
*Using inclusive language rather than value-laden language which makes assumptions based on sexual orientation or gender stereotypes
*Assisting individuals to be aware of the choices involved in sexual decisions